Saint David’s Day – National Day of Wales – 1st March

Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and his saint’s day is the National Day of Wales. 

Who was Saint David?

St. David, or Dewi Sant as he is known in the Welsh language, was a Welsh bishop during the 6th century- He was a monk and missionary who travelled around Wales and Britain preaching and founding monasteries. He founded 12 monasteries and was said to have performed several miracles. He was appointed archbishop of Wales in the year 550 A.D.

How is St. David’s Day Celebrated?

Modern celebrations involve singing traditional songs and drinking a special tea called Te Bach with Bara Brith which is a famous Welsh fruit bread. Girls often wear the Welsh National Costume and many people wear a leek or daffodil on their jacket as these are the national symbols of Wales. 

Why is the leek one of the symbols of Wales?

According to legend, during a battle against the Saxons, David advised his soldiers to wear leeks in their hats so that they could easily identify each other which is why the leek is one of the symbols of Wales. 

Happy Saint David’s Day!