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5 fun ways to improve your English in the Easter holidays

Spring is officially here, the clocks are going forward and the days are getting longer. You’ve suddenly got more energy, an extra hour of daylight and a few days holiday but what are you going to do with it? Instituto Británico teacher James Heal suggests 5 fun ways to build on your English language skills.

1. Master those phrasal verbs.

Be realistic and study one a day. A good online learner’s dictionary will give you sample sentences for how to use the phrasal verb correctly. Record the phrasal verb (and any associated prepositions) with the example sentence from the dictionary then think of 3 more sentences of your own to practise using the phrasal verb.

I was looking forward to seeing my favourite procession this year but unfortunately the Easter festivals were called off!

2. Did you hear that? Develop your listening skills.

Spend 10 minutes a day working on your listening skills. 

  • Watch a TED Talk
  • A short clip in English on YOUTUBE
  • Listen to a song from your favourite artist
  • Listen to radio news bulletins or the weather forecast in English. 

3. Develop your Reading skills

Why don’t you try reading a book in English? Don’t look up every word that you don’t understand as this will ruin your enjoyment of the book. Only look up the words that you need to understand to follow the plot of the story.

4. Put pen to paper. Start a journal !

You don’t have to show it to anyone, just get a pen and paper and write. Write down anything that comes to your mind, draw pictures to help you remember vocabulary, write down jokes you find on the internet, comments that you hear on the news or something you want to say in your next English class. Don’t worry about mistakes. Just be creative. Do it every day and see how much your language skills improve.

5. Talk to a friend in English

Arrange to have a 5 (or 20!!) minute conversation with somebody in English. Use Zoom, SKYPE, Party Time or the telephone. Whatever method you prefer, make a date with a friend, catch up with the gossip but agree that you’ll only speak English.

Whether you decide to try only one or all of the methods above, the most important thing is to find an activity that you enjoy.

Happy Easter!